Healthy weight loss using HCG drops works fast and is now available in Longmont, Colorado.

Placing HCG drops under the tongue three times a day while eating a reduced calorie diet results in a slimmer healthier you. Since the development by Dr. Simeons in the 1950's, thousands of people have had successful weight loss results. Our system includes the hcg drops, delicious recipes, tips for success, Progress trackers and personal support.

Why have others used the HCG Diet in Longmont, Colorado?

  • A safe quick way to lose unwanted lbs.
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  • Eat healthy foods

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What is HCG?

To understand HCG, first you need to understand how you are built.

Think about how the human diet has changed in the last few thousand years. People used to eat only when hungry, and just enough to make them not hungry any more. Much of their food was raw and all of it was unrefined. They ate as they went along, they did not feast.

The human digestive track is built for continually nibbling and eating small amounts. It is not made for gorging as is the digestive track of some animals (the carnivorous cat family for example).

So that means, when people began eating regular large meals, their digestive track became burdened. It now had more food than it needed at the time, and it now had to store enough to get him to the next meal. That's where fat comes in.

There are 3 Kinds of Fat:

This good fat fills the gaps between organs, and acts as a safety cushion for them. It also protects the arteries and keeps skin smooth and tight.

This is a normal reserve of fuel, used when you are not able to eat enough. These first 2 kinds of fat are normal, and even if your body overstocks this fat, it will not lead to obesity.

This fat is also a potential reserve of energy, but the difference is, it is not readily available for the body to use. It is locked away, so to speak, and is not continually used and replaced like the other types of fat. This is the "obesity fat". Abnormal fat tends to hang out around the belly, hips, thighs, and upper arms.

When an obese person tries to lose weight by typical dieting, the body will first burn Reserve fat, followed next by Structural fat. Only then will the body unlock the abnormal fat, but by that time, most people are too weak and frustrated, and the diet fails.

HCG is the Answer

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin circulates through pregnant women in large quantities. This unlocks the abnormal fat deposits and makes that energy available to the body. The body is compensating for the additional needs of the fetus. It works the same in non-pregnant people. The hormone HCG allows access to these abnormal fat deposits, and frees that energy for use in your body.

Now imagine that you eat a smaller amount of food everyday, and most of the calories you are burning come from your fat deposits. That is the idea behind the HCG diet.

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